Eric Manigian Studio fuses clean minimalist design with hand craftsmanship to create custom furniture of uncommon character and simplicity of form. Works are made with longevity in mind, where design innovation, quality materials and attention to detail are integral components of each piece produced by the Studio.

Eric Manigian founded Eric Manigian Studio in 1999. An artist by training, Manigian received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Pratt Institute and has been a student of Zen Buddhism for many years including time spent at Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto before focusing his artistic practice on furniture making.

Manigian’s interest also extends to contemporary and traditional architecture. As a member of the Timber Framer’s Guild, Manigian’s design focus includes the study of timber frame architecture, with a special interest in the design concepts and construction methods inherent to Japanese temple building.

Client List

Eric Manigian Studio has created works for a number of high-profile private clients as well as commercial commissions, including works for:

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