Enso Table is a new large-scale table inspired by the Zen Buddhist symbol "enso"-a simple circle drawn with a single, broad brushstroke as a symbol of infinity, void, and enlightenment.

When traveling to Japan in 1990 to explore the Zen rock gardens of Kyoto, I met an American monk who told me that I would not get to the meaning of these gardens without a significant understanding of Zen. I then began my studies in Buddhism which continues today and expresses itself in my pursuits of sculpture, architecture and furniture design.

Enso Table was conceived this summer while making small rings to be used by lay-monastics being ordained at the Maezumi Institute, a Zen Buddhist Center in Massachusetts. These rings are part of the traditional Buddhist monk's garments, called a rakusu.

In Zen Buddhist history, the ring or "enso" is a well known image often made by Zen teachers to express oneness (both emptiness and fullness) and enlightenment in the simplest, most bare graphic essence as an expression of the moment--by depicting a circular ring drawn with one bold brush stroke.

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