Flavor Pill

June 10, 2003
This Week’s Flavor

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“…Furniture designer Eric Manigian, who joins a modern sensibility with a spiritual bend as he handpicks each plank he uses from the back woods of Pennsylvania…”

Interior Design

May 2003
“DUMBO Smart”

“Trade professionals and the general public are invited to St. Ann’s Warehouse to check out furnishings both traditional and edgy but always divine. Striped acrylic lamps by Matt Gagnon, handblown glass vases by John Pomp, and walnut tables by Eric Manigian are just for starters.”

TimeOut New York

February 20-27, 2003
“Home Depot,” by Kelly McMasters

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“…[Manigian] searches for pieces that have double star bursts (patterns that occur when branches start to grow), a detail that many lumberyards consider an imperfection, but he considers personality.”

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