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The work is a collaboration with wood — letting its nature and inherent form determine the final object. Each piece has its own personality and identity, making every object unique.
Eric Manigian

Eco-Conscious Source Materials

Eric Manigian Studio works primarily with a few small millers who have relationships with local arborists and tree doctors who receive trees that must come down, due to construction, disease and other factors outside of commercial tree harvesting. These trees are salvaged, saving them from being left to rot, cut up for firewood, or dragged to a landfill.

By using this discarded wood, Eric Manigian Studio recycles and provides these trees with another purpose, often retaining the wood’s natural edge as a reference to its origins.

The Meaning of Green

Pieces are designed and created using traditional hand-joinery with a multi-layered hand rubbed natural oil finish. Nothing is extraneous. Joints and butterfly keys exist for structural purposes first and foremost while simultaneously executed with nuanced consideration to the aesthetic and graphic effect of these elements.

For Manigian, the quality of the craftsmanship is equally as important as the aesthetics of the work and the source of the material. The Studio is committed to ensuring the longevity of its furniture–the belief in making something to last for generations, countering contemporary tendencies towards a disposable culture.

The dialogue between these elements (creative process, source materials, and high craftsmanship) results in furniture that fuses modern design and refined workmanship.

Nothing is ‘Green’ if it eventually ends up in the landfill.
Eric Manigian